Songs About Waiting for Love

You might have a very clear picture of who you want that special person to be. Or you may have no idea what to expect and are just waiting to be surprised. Either way, waiting for love involves a kaleidoscope of emotions: longing, frustration, anticipation, faith, excitement, loneliness, hope, even despair. So while you’re wishing and wondering, here’s a playlist of songs for the waiting heart.

1. Someone’s Waiting For You – Sammy Fain

This song from the Disney classic The Rescuers was sung for a little girl who was beginning to lose faith. I think the simple sweetness and innocence of it is the perfect balm for those moments of flagging hope, even for grown ups.

2. I Promise – Jaci Velasquez

This song is more than just a promise to wait for the right person, it’s also an expression of faith that he will come in the perfect time.

3. Wait for Me – Rebecca St. James

While waiting for that special someone, there’s a danger of overly idealizing him or her until there’s no room for flaws. I love the part where she sings “Now I know you may have made mistakes, but there’s forgiveness and a second chance.”

4. Waiting – Matt Wertz

He’s just trying to figure out this growing up thing, and he thinks having someone to stand by his side will help. Isn’t that something we’ve all felt at one time or another?

5. Counting to 100 – Matt Wertz

Another one from Matt Wertz, where he sings of waiting as a game of hide-and-seek. So he’ll count to 100, and maybe when he starts seeking he’ll find her. It’s impossible for me to listen to this without singing along.

6.  Between Us – Peter Bradley Adams

He starts by asking, “Hey stranger, when may I call you my own?” and promises that he’s willing to disregard everything and everyone that has come  between them. The song echoes with loneliness as he tells the unknown someone that he’ll cross any distance to get to her.

7. Love is Waiting – Brooke Fraser

I love Brooke Fraser’s lyrics. This song is about savoring the wait, slowing the pace, as they make sure they’re ready for each other. “I could write a million songs about the way you say my name, I could live a lifetime with you and then do it all again. And like I can’t force the sun to rise or hasten summer’s start, neither should I rush my way into your heart.” Yeah.

8. Haven’t Met You Yet – Michael Bublé 

I smile every time I hear this; it’s just so darn sweet and hopeful and cute! He knows he has a lot of love to give, and he’s not giving up until he meets the right person to receive it. With lyrics like “I guess it’s half timing, and the other half’s luck. Wherever you are, whenever it’s right, you’ll come out of nowhere and into my life,” this seems like the perfect song to end this list. (BONUS CUTENESS: He’s now married to the girl in the video. I dare you to watch it and not melt.)

So what songs in your playlist are about waiting? Comments and recommendations welcome!

NOTE: Kate Bradshaw’s Someday also belongs in this list, but I can’t find a video of it anywhere. Judging by the comments on the lyrics post, it’s rather elusive.


And here I thought I was the only one who wrote letters to the future

So there’s this guy. He has a blog. He writes to his future wife.

Even though I’ve written to my future husband several times, I didn’t think guys were into that, too.

He says things like, “I want to hear how you say my name… in various instances. I want to be able to tell that it is your favourite thing to say. And that it spills out over your lovely lips so damn naturally because you’ve been annoying your friends by saying it to them all the time.”

And  “I’d like to have kids. You know, with you. I can almost see already how it will unfold. I think our first baby will be a boy. And I’ll hope, with every ounce of my being, that when he finds someone to spend his life with, he’ll be half as lucky as I’ve been.”

I stayed awake the whole night reading. And afterwards, I still couldn’t sleep, because his words had peeled the protective crust off my heart, and all my deepest, most honest longings lay throbbing and naked on the surface.

I want to be loved like that. I want someone who will write letters on paper, and stage a sock puppet show when I’m sick, and promise me cupcakes for breakfast to get me to fall asleep at night. I want to share root beer popsicles, and cuddle in bed, and kiss while making dinner. I want to be cherished, not just needed.

And I need to love someone like that. Someone who will receive all the tenderness I have to offer and never stop seeing it as a gift. Someone who will let me give myself and find joy in the giving, because I’m not afraid that anything will be taken for granted.

Someone who will never make me feel invisible. Someone who will never let me go.

Just thinking about it makes me giddy.

Just thinking about it makes me terrified.

Because, who am I kidding, it’s one thing to write letters to the perfect girl, and it’s a completely different thing to meet…me.

I used to think waiting for the right man to come along was difficult. Now I know it’s gotta be harder when he finally comes. Because then I — the messy, complicated reality of me — would have to stand up to this man who’s been dreaming of his ideal girl all his life and say, “Hi. It’s me that you’ve been looking for.”

And, for all my imagination, I haven’t yet figured out what he will say to that.

A Letter for My Future Husband

This is one of several letters I wrote to give to my future husband on our wedding day. I’d just like to share it as an encouragement to those who are also in the season of waiting.

June 9, 2007 (2:38 AM)


By the time you read this, you and I would have met, learned to love each other, and promised to belong together for the rest of our lives. I would have memorized everything about you — your face, your voice, your touch. And you would know me more intimately than anyone ever has or will.

But right now, I am alone. I know you only in my imagination…and my dreams. But, darling, in a way that I can’t explain, I love you now. It’s as if I know you in my heart, and because we are separated by time, I miss you. So I am writing this to you as a way of reaching into the future — to tell you that I am saving my heart until you finally come to claim it. I am waiting for you, beloved. And I pray that wherever you are right now, you are waiting for me as well.

As the days go by, I long for you in a way that I have never experienced before. It is a strange feeling, to miss someone whom I do not even know. My prayer is that this longing will glorify God by drawing me closer to him, because as much as I love you now and will love you in the future, I will always love Him more. I know that it will be the same for you, as it should. Our common passion for the one who made us for each other will strengthen our love and deepen our bond. It will be the first thing that will draw me towards you.

Though it isn’t always easy, I can see the hand of God in giving us this season of waiting. Because you are always in my thoughts, simple activities become special when I think of them as preparation for the future. There is so much more to learn before I am ready. Be patient with me, beloved, for my life is a work in progress. I know that yours is, too. Therefore, allow me to say this now: If there is anything, anything at all in your past that might hurt me, know that you will have my forgiveness. You do not have to earn it; it is yours. I am no stranger to second chances, and I do not want our future to hold any bitterness or recriminations. Let us live in the freedom that the greatest Love of all has restored to us.

Someday, you and I will talk about everything that made us who we are. There may be laughter, tears, thankfulness, and yes, regrets. But always, God’s goodness will be present. It is, after all, because of His love that we will find each other. And when we do, this season of waiting will give way to a season of discovery, when I can finally listen to your stories and tell you all of mine. So until that day, beloved, I am saving myself for you. I have surrendered the keys of my heart to God, and he will open the door for you to enter in the perfect time.

I love you, my darling. I am waiting.

Yours forever,


P.S. I’ve got other letters for you. It’s become a habit, I think. At this rate you’ll probably spend our entire honeymoon reading.

Day 23 — The last person you kissed

This soul-deep longing for a half-remembered dream bewilders me….

~from Prelude

My love,

The nights when we kiss are the sweetest nights of all. Sometimes it’s tender, achingly slow and saturated with meaning, all our deepest longings and promises being spoken without a word. Or it can be playful, softly teasing and utterly ecstatic, sweetened with joy and delighted laughter. There are also times when it’s passionate, intense, driven by heat and unleashed desire. But always, whenever and however you kiss me, I realize why it couldn’t possibly work with anyone else. Only you can make this happen: the whole world fades away, time slows down, and you become the single most important part of my universe. In that moment, the heartbreaks of the past are forgotten and the doubts of the future vanish — nothing else matters but your touch and the beat of your heart against mine. I know then that I am meant to kiss you and only you for the rest of my life.

You really are the man of my dreams. You know, literally. And someday, I hope I’ll wake up from dreaming into the breathtaking reality of your arms.

Waiting for you,



Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet

How will it feel, I wonder, to smile for you? ~ from After Sunrise

To the one searching for me,

Are you good at storming walls? I am surrounded by them, and they are tall and resilient. They are not to be breached by passive men, men whose hearts are uncertain, those who always take the easier way. Only a man familiar with risk and unafraid of failure stands a chance.  Are you such a man?

There have been those who tried, even some who got in. But they proved to be thieves, and took too much that I could not afford to lose. Because of them, the defenses are stronger now, and more subtle. There is too much at stake, too much that is fragile, to make any more mistakes. And yet…and yet, I still long to be found.

No, I am not a stereotypical damsel in need of salvation — do not bother putting that armor on. These walls are built with more than just stone or cement. You cannot see them, for I am good at pretending I am free, that there are no obstacles between us. It is one of my best defenses, and if you believe it, then you will never get in. And oh, how I ache for you to get in. I need you more than I dare let you know.

I need you to show me that I am worth fighting for. That even behind these walls, I am seen, and desired, and chosen. Chosen despite the dichotomy that pervades me and makes me both eager and afraid to let you in.

And you need me, too. I have all this tenderness waiting inside me, waiting to be lavished on someone who’ll know what it’s worth, who’ll know what chains had to be broken to open even one door. I may have hurt you in trying to keep you out, but set me free, and I can heal you as well. You can rest in my arms, and I will give you everything that I have been saving for this moment, when I can put my guard down and simply trust. I will love you as I have longed to love you since you looked at me and saw the hope behind the fear.

My only question is this: Are you good at storming walls?


The one for you


I just couldn’t resist.

I am playing in the rain tonight. I got up on the roof and I am alone and it’s fun! The city is radiant in my favorite way, when the rain washes away the smoke and drowns out the noise, and there’s nothing to take away from the warm glow from the street lights and the vehicles and the windows all over town. The coldness of the night on my skin and the smell of a rain drenched world and the deafening sound of the raindrops on the tin roof  envelop me so completely that there is no room for worries or sadness or regrets, all the things that sunlight won’t conceal. Tonight, the darkness is a friend.

From up here,my eyes are drawn to the windows, especially those on houses and apartments. I wonder about the people living there. What are they doing tonight, while I am out here by myself? Are they having dinner, something deliciously hot to chase away the cold? Or perhaps they’re watching TV with their families, sitting close together for warmth on the couch. I hope that somewhere in this city, a man will turn to a woman and put his coat, then his arms, around her. Rainy nights are perfect for moments like that.

As always, my thoughts turn to you.  I imagine you curled up in a cozy chair somewhere, soft jazz playing in the background, smiling to yourself as you read again one of your favorite chapters in your favorite book. Are you thinking about me? Are you wishing you could turn to me beside you and read the best paragraph aloud? I’m just here, on the roof, in the rain. Also wishing you could be with me.

We should definitely do this together sometime.