Meet Evenstarwen

Evenstarwen is a twenty-something Filipina trying to figure out how to be a grown up. She admits to having an addiction to Tolkien, a supergirl-to-the rescue complex, a touch of insanity, and too many cats. She’s a compulsive reader, a self-confessed geek, a kitten rescuer, and a wanna-be-writer rolled into a package that her little brother once said was part kitten, part butterfly, and part  “something else”. That odd, partially undefined combination may account for the delusion that she was born in the wrong world, and that she actually belongs in Middle Earth.

So how should you read this blog?

However you want, really. This is not a very organized place. When I started blogging, I was mostly just doing it to get things out of my head. None of my friends had blogs, and I didn’t tell people. My blog was just one of the many places where I wrote stuff, and it’s been (mostly) alive for seven years, so there’s some pretty unevolved writing at the beginning (don’t go there, please). I’d ignore it for months when a notebook was handier, then I’d post again, then ignore. I never felt guilty about this because I didn’t know people were reading (except one or two, and they pretty much already knew whatever was going on and didn’t need regular updates).

Then a blog challenge got me posting more regularly. My secret blogging life was discovered, and some very nice people are now coming here habitually to take a peek. Some new and awesome friends or friends-to-be are also stumbling across this and don’t quite know where to start.

Well, the good  news is, you can start anywhere! Read this however you like; you’re not missing anything by not doing things in order. There is no order. So yay for lack of organization skills!

Still, if you’d like some suggestions, you might want to check these out:

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40 thoughts on “Meet Evenstarwen

  1. Hi. I’m a volunteer of the USC’s Mass Media Committee (Diliman). The USC is developing a new medium of communication for the resident students, the alumni, the local councils, and the student groups around the university through its current venture: . This site requires one’s full name (as validated by the USC) before one can be considered registered. The process subsequently allows one to post articles, comments, and be able to view/comment the forums.

    The new website is 80% done (functionally, it’s almost there; as for form, it’s still in the process of being styled professionally). What it really needs now though is core content to fuel the use of the site by the proliferation of ideas, thoughts, and views of the various factions/individuals of the University. This may be in the form of movie/book reviews, idealogical stances, political demagogery, and even academic discussions – in sum, feature articles about anything under the sun that may interest the UP community at large.

    I chanced upon your articles on peyups and this site. I personally think that you’re an excellent writer and would like to invite you to be part of the site’s core group. If you’re interested, even in the least bit, kindly get back to me for details. Mars Veloso, the USC Councilor heading this project, will be meeting with the core group (perhaps online or in real life) early this December to discuss how the entire process will work. The site’s launch date will be on January of next year.

    At the very least, please do check the site out and register. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Keefe dela Cruz
    Bachelor of Laws (expected 2011)
    University of the Philippines

  2. Hi,
    you are very eloquent in your writing style. I am impressed with your skills. I grew up in the PHIL, but i am now in the USA. I wish you could share some of your articles with me. pls respond via email


  3. sigh. time’s ticking. in less than a month we will part our ways. =s you, enjoying every moment of anonymity in an entirely new world and I, preparing to go back to the place where we caught fireflies and discovered toad island. =p kamarikutan and royal highness will surely be missed. tofu will be served by other chowking branches. botany lessons will be set aside. evening walks will be different. sigh. i’m sad and yet happy as well thinking that we’ll have time to save adventures/misadventures for our next meeting.

    and you know what, i think this is part of us being the last two of our kind, to search for the real middle earth, to find our true place. we suffer a lot on earth. agoraphobia. forgetfulness. depression. etc. sigh. these should stop. but before we start our journeys, let me just remind you that september is on every calendar. =p don’t forget that i’m only a paperboat away.

    i will definitely miss you. =p

    btw, there’s one good thing earth has given us: insanity!=p

  4. Hi there! This is John Cosper, creator and founder of We discovered you had a link to us through google, and wanted to say thanks. We’re getting ready to add some exciting new stuff on the site. I’d love to let you know what’s coming, and what we’re hoping to do. Email me at if you’re interested!

  5. Hey! 🙂

    Had my luck stumbling upon this site of yours 🙂

    Just really wanted to drop by and say good job with keeping up with this site! Had heaps of fun reading your posts.

    Keep it up!


  6. Hey Arwen! 🙂

    Hope you don’t mind me dropping by again. hehe. Anyway, thanks heaps, too for visiting my blog and glad you enjoyed it! Yea, same here, I’ve been pretty lazy, too. And I’m finding it quite hard to find the exact words that could define my emotions lately.

    In any case, I didn’t mean to babble on. Just really wanted to say thanks! 🙂

    Have a great day!


  7. Aww. Yea. Totally agree with your comment on my blog. 🙂 It is a scary prospect to change. But isn’t living all about changing? And knowing what it is that we want and becoming that person whoever or whatever that may be? Hehe. But I suppose, it’s safe to say that it can be an adventure. Life, indeed, is one. 🙂

    Take care, too, Arwen. 🙂

    God bless!


  8. Hi! I have been browsing through blogs when I stumbled upon yours. Ang galing mo. 🙂

    I think we have one thing in common. I’m a student of UP Manila. How about you?

    I wish I could write as good as you can and as frequently as you do. 😀

  9. Hi Arwen (di ba pde yung real name?)!

    Galing naman! Daming Fans! Meron pang gusto i-print. 🙂

    Keep it up! God Bless!


    • Hahaha! Pano ka napunta dito, kuya? Di naman ata secret yung real name, marami na ring nagcomment using it. 🙂 Thanks. Ewan ko kung bakit pero bigla akong natawa sa pagcomment mo today. hehe. Salamat ng marami. 🙂

      • Pano nga ba? i can’t remember. what i can remember is, i was reading one of your blogs and was amazed with how you relay your emotions and thoughts with your words. Nakakainggit! 🙂

  10. Hi there! I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog (thanks to Atty. Villacorta). I enjoyed your posts and I like your writing style (don’t know that many though). I was looking for a direct message or private message icon but can’t because I’m not that familiar with blogging. Anyway, you got me inspired to have my own blog (private nga lang siguro). Keep writing! 🙂

    • You can change the settings of your blog here in to private. I didn’t know much when I started, either, but you’ll find a lot of people in the support forums who will answer any questions.

      Thanks for your compliments, and I’m glad you dropped by!

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  12. hi ! the first time i read your write up , i was very impressed furthermore , in that moment i read it ,, i idolize you very much :))
    i’m very inspired for what i’ve read and it encourages me to continue writing something or a sort of stories even though there’s a little problem on my grammar, but i’m still working for it , so that someday i can be like you or a KNOWN-WRITER :))
    thank you for inspiring me.
    let me serve you as my inspiration as i continue writing :))

    • That’s incredibly sweet, Syrine. Thank you for your compliments, and I’m glad I was able to encourage you as well. Don’t hesitate to start writing, there’s so much joy in it. Also, read. Read as much as you can in whatever genres you enjoy. It’ll improve your grammar, widen your vocabulary, and make you fall in love with words even more. Have fun!

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    will make certain to bookmark your blog and will often come
    back from now on. I want to encourage you to ultimately continue your great posts, have a nice evening!

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