A Letter for My Future Husband

This is one of several letters I wrote to give to my future husband on our wedding day. I’d just like to share it as an encouragement to those who are also in the season of waiting.

June 9, 2007 (2:38 AM)


By the time you read this, you and I would have met, learned to love each other, and promised to belong together for the rest of our lives. I would have memorized everything about you — your face, your voice, your touch. And you would know me more intimately than anyone ever has or will.

But right now, I am alone. I know you only in my imagination…and my dreams. But, darling, in a way that I can’t explain, I love you now. It’s as if I know you in my heart, and because we are separated by time, I miss you. So I am writing this to you as a way of reaching into the future — to tell you that I am saving my heart until you finally come to claim it. I am waiting for you, beloved. And I pray that wherever you are right now, you are waiting for me as well.

As the days go by, I long for you in a way that I have never experienced before. It is a strange feeling, to miss someone whom I do not even know. My prayer is that this longing will glorify God by drawing me closer to him, because as much as I love you now and will love you in the future, I will always love Him more. I know that it will be the same for you, as it should. Our common passion for the one who made us for each other will strengthen our love and deepen our bond. It will be the first thing that will draw me towards you.

Though it isn’t always easy, I can see the hand of God in giving us this season of waiting. Because you are always in my thoughts, simple activities become special when I think of them as preparation for the future. There is so much more to learn before I am ready. Be patient with me, beloved, for my life is a work in progress. I know that yours is, too. Therefore, allow me to say this now: If there is anything, anything at all in your past that might hurt me, know that you will have my forgiveness. You do not have to earn it; it is yours. I am no stranger to second chances, and I do not want our future to hold any bitterness or recriminations. Let us live in the freedom that the greatest Love of all has restored to us.

Someday, you and I will talk about everything that made us who we are. There may be laughter, tears, thankfulness, and yes, regrets. But always, God’s goodness will be present. It is, after all, because of His love that we will find each other. And when we do, this season of waiting will give way to a season of discovery, when I can finally listen to your stories and tell you all of mine. So until that day, beloved, I am saving myself for you. I have surrendered the keys of my heart to God, and he will open the door for you to enter in the perfect time.

I love you, my darling. I am waiting.

Yours forever,


P.S. I’ve got other letters for you. It’s become a habit, I think. At this rate you’ll probably spend our entire honeymoon reading.


30 thoughts on “A Letter for My Future Husband

  1. Begs, I love this… “Our common passion for the one who made us… will be the first thing that will draw me towards you.”

  2. p.s. to your husband from me:

    i am waiting for you, too. to take her away. 😀 just kidding. i really hope you know how to cook very well. and that you’re nice and will always let me eat at your house. i’ll tell you the stories she won’t tell you. 😉 come soon. i’m really excited about your wedding, even now.

    btw, you’re a lucky dude. not just because i’ll be your sister-in-law. but because my Ate’s the best. i’m sure you’ll know that when you finally meet her.

    ~your future favorite sis-in-law, Vanie

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  4. I am so encouraged and inspired by this letter! I am almost 18 and I feel the EXACT same way you do, in every way! I desire my future husband very much now, but I know that this is a season of waiting for my future husband! I love Jesus so much! Purity is my passion! Jesus is my PASSION! I know God has someone special for me! Oh how I wish I could meet you! I LOVE this letter! I am sorta jealous in a way-cause I wish I would have written it! Please know how much you are changing the world Abigail! THANK YOU so much and I know your future husband will be VERY blessed and I know he will have an amazing woman of God in his life! I hope the best for the both of you!

    • Thank you for that wonderful encouragement, Traci! You really brightened my day. I hope you are enjoying this season of waiting as much as I am. Let’s make the most of the time we have by growing as close to our Father as we can, so that we can learn how to truly love. May God bless you and the very special man who is meant for you, wherever he is. He is truly blessed to be loved so much by someone like you.

  5. Yes! I am enjoying it! 🙂 Thanks! Yes I agree…Let’s do make the most of this time! Yes…One of my friends put it this way: it’s like a triangle-the two edges at the bottom represent you for one corner and your future husband on the other corner and as you grow closer to Jesus which is the point of the triangle then God will lead you to one another at the right time! Our job is to just pursue Jesus with all that we are! Thank you for your encouragement as well! I needed it!

  6. Hi Abby! Merry Christmas to you dear…
    You might be wondering if you know me but I know u and ur family…=)
    We came from the same school in high school (PNS) although i’m just a year ahead of you…=)
    Anyway, I super love all of your writings and i could not believe we also share that same passion…
    I came across on one of your writings entitled “A Letter for My Future Husband”
    and i am so happy to know that I was not the only person in the world to write the man she’s going-to-marry-someday and has never known yet a letter… 🙂
    Before we were married, I gave him the letter and he was surprised to be actually reading a letter which was written six years ago… a letter which I told him will only be read by that one man i will marry and whom I’ve been praying for so long… (my God-send)and he told me that he never thought that he will receive such a letter like that in all his life…
    My husband,your kuya Mike or Em-Em knows you as GayGay…:)
    You’re both from Rio Tuba…
    I’m happy to share this with you since as you said..you’re in the season of waiting…I pray that someday soon God will lead you to that Man who is also waiting for you…
    God bless you more my dear! =)!

    • Thank you so much, ate! What a truly wonderful story. I hope I could get to know you better. I don’t know how I can find you on FB since I don’t know your last name, but if you read this, please get in touch. The story you shared is so inspiring, and it means a lot to me to read it at this time. God bless, ate! 🙂

      • Hi Abby!
        Before anything else my family wants to extend our holiday greetings to you… From All the Miano’s…=)
        Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you and your family dear…

        Thanks for the wonderful comment about what i shared to you..
        Indeed it is inspiring, but I’m always reminded that our marriage is still a work in progress…(we’re both still a work in progress..=) )
        We know from the very beginning that we need God at the center of our relationship…And we know that it is God who made every possible way for us to meet and be together for Life…
        Looking back for that four long years of our engagement as boyfriend-girlfriend it was so amazing…because our “faith and love” for each other is always present even if we’re approx. 350 kms apart…

        Now as a married couple, we’re starting to master all the ropes of being a good husband/father and a wife/mother…
        It was like a whole new journey this time…
        nd believe me, it’s sure no joke..especially when you have a one year old kiddo…:)
        But the feeling is so rewarding to be a mom and a wife…I consider them my “gifts”
        Gay, I’d like you to know that
        we’re not the perfect example of some couples that you’d like to look up to, 🙂
        We’re just like those ordinary couples who are trying to live a happy life, a happy marriage and our lives are still under the working hands of God…We live daily by His grace, love and providence…Life is sooo hard most especially when you don’t have God in it…

        With this, I’ll pray our paths will cross when you visit Rio Tuba again…
        God Bless you more Abby! We love you…

        We’re already friends on FB…
        It’s Kareen Tan- Miano dear…:)

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  9. hey this is pretty crazy. I had the urge to write a letter about the same thing except to my future wife on the same exact day June 9, but only 4 years separated. Just thought it was interesting.

  10. wow I am now just reading this and it is beautiful. For waiting, you deserve nothing but the best not only because it’s worth the wait, but when you meet him, he will be a gift from God.

  11. this is so encouraging. I’ve been doing the same thing but all my friends think i’m crazy. It can be difficult to put feelings into words sometimes, especially in this situation but you did it so perfectly. Quite literately, every word is spot on to what I’m feeling. Would you mind if I copied it to my prayer journal?

  12. I miss you ate abegs.. Thanks for all the prayers from the passed years.. All is well with me now.. Please pray I in the ministry of mentoring the young lady in the church.. I know I don’t deserve to mentor them of things that I wasn’t able to apply on my life when I am on their age. But I praise the Lord for giving me the opportunity to help them deal with their aches, pains and other girl stuffs and matters.. May the Lord be glorified..

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