I just couldn’t resist.

I am playing in the rain tonight. I got up on the roof and I am alone and it’s fun! The city is radiant in my favorite way, when the rain washes away the smoke and drowns out the noise, and there’s nothing to take away from the warm glow from the street lights and the vehicles and the windows all over town. The coldness of the night on my skin and the smell of a rain drenched world and the deafening sound of the raindrops on the tin roof  envelop me so completely that there is no room for worries or sadness or regrets, all the things that sunlight won’t conceal. Tonight, the darkness is a friend.

From up here,my eyes are drawn to the windows, especially those on houses and apartments. I wonder about the people living there. What are they doing tonight, while I am out here by myself? Are they having dinner, something deliciously hot to chase away the cold? Or perhaps they’re watching TV with their families, sitting close together for warmth on the couch. I hope that somewhere in this city, a man will turn to a woman and put his coat, then his arms, around her. Rainy nights are perfect for moments like that.

As always, my thoughts turn to you.  I imagine you curled up in a cozy chair somewhere, soft jazz playing in the background, smiling to yourself as you read again one of your favorite chapters in your favorite book. Are you thinking about me? Are you wishing you could turn to me beside you and read the best paragraph aloud? I’m just here, on the roof, in the rain. Also wishing you could be with me.

We should definitely do this together sometime.



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