Movie Marathon

There are some movies I never get tired of watching, such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It has gotten to the point where even my little brother has memorized the dialogue from hearing it over and over again. The old musical The Sound of Music is also as much a part of our family history as the photo albums. From Betamax to VHS to VCD (we haven’t found a DVD version yet), The Sound of Music has always been with us.


My taste in movies is similar to that in  books – more on fantasy, adventure, romance and drama. I don’t watch horror films at all – I mean, why would I bother going to the theater if I’ll just cover my eyes for over half the time?

Anyway, these are some of my opinions. These are very untechnical, I am no professional critic. I also refrained from including the LOTR here. Trust me, you do not want to see me get carried away.

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