This Christian acoustic group is, in my opinion at least, one of the best composers of love songs around. Their lyrics are deceptively simple, but they manage to capture the very essence of how it is to be really, truly, in love. The giddiness, the uncertainty, the wonder, the feeling of being way in over your head – they take you through all these emotions with their music. And then some.

Most of my friends are familiar only with their two biggest hits, Passenger Seat and Out of My League (“Stephen Speaks? Who’s Stephen Speaks?” “You know, the band that sang Passenger…” “Oh. Them.”), but their other songs are just as good, if not better. I mean, check out these lyrics:

She dances. Her footsteps like raindrops patter across the stage. Second glances …she pirouettes and slowly fades away. Lost my chances…. Who holds the broom that will sweep her off her feet? Hopeless romantic…. The lights on the stage fade as our eyes meet.   And I wonder what would it be if for once she was dancing with me. She seems content to be dancing alone, so I’ll sit and sigh from my seat.

– from Song for a Dancer

The words are just so down-to-earth, so real, so lacking in mushy overkill, that I can instantly imagine the stories behind the songs.

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