by Kate Bradshaw

I’ve never seen his face, I’ve never heard his voice
But I know he’s out there waiting for me
I’ve never felt his touch or tasted his kiss
But my heart will know the moment we meet

Might be tomorrow, might be today
I don’t know the time, I don’t know the place

Someday, somewhere
Someone will be there
To love me and share
The rest of my life
Won’t look behind me
Let destiny guide me
I know that he’ll find me
Someday, somewhere

I’ve seen all the looks, I’ve heard all the lines
I know what most guys are about
I’ll know the truth when I look in his eyes
And I know there won’t be any doubt

I’m not in a hurry, there’s lots of time
But I keep his picture in the back of my mind

Someday, somewhere
Someone will be there
To love me and share
The rest of my life
Won’t look behind me
Let destiny guide me
I know that he’ll find me
Someday, somewhere


NOTE FROM EVENSTARWEN: I really wish I could help out those who are asking for the song, but I don’t have it anymore. If anybody knows where to download/buy it, please comment. Thank you, and thanks for reading!



22 thoughts on “Someday

  1. hi! i just wanna knwo where can i be able to download this song…

    i’ve been looking for this song and luckily i found it.

  2. Wow! I’ve been looking for this song for quite a long time since i heard it over the radio. The words are so precise and real. It has become a song of my heart. may God bless the composer and the singer of this song.

  3. Hmmm i also want’s to have the copy of this song. Please tell me how to have it.. Just send me the file or the instructions to follow to have it.. Thanks guys.. this is my YM ID smphead.romar

  4. at last i found this song..i’ve been searching for this song..didn’t even know its title until my classmate commented on my post in Facebook.
    now that i knew the song title, thanks to you i have the song, i’ll be downloading the song..

    p.s. kinda had a small fight with my bestfriend when i told her i found this..sad ;(

  5. oh that..she was frustrated to not be the one to tell me the song title, artist and lyrics.. she over reacted when i told her a guy classmate told me before she could.. i didnt have time to argue with her because i had to prepare for my class the following day. eventually, her frustration faded out. but since i knew she got a bit angry at me, i signed back in to Fb to see if she was feeling any better because the fight continued via SMS after i logged out of FB..only to find out her old messages set on our chat page. this time, it was i who was pissed off because of her words. it kinda lasted a while though because i cant take her reactions.. i know she was helping me out..but that doesnt mean, she was the only one who got that chance because the advent of Facebook allows us to ask everybody else about our concerns may it be big or small. probably an hour later, we got through the fight and continued with our lives.. thanks for your concern!!

  6. arwen, thanks for helping me out looking for this song..tnx sooo much!

    whoever has a copy of this song..i hope you can share it with us who is on the search..:)

  7. i just heard the song again over the car radio before i came home tonight..and this time, my best friend was there to listen it with me.. YEY!

  8. been looking for this song for quite a long time.,glad ive found the title.,but, can somebody let me know where and how can i download this song? weee.,am so excited to listen to it.,hehehe.,thanks!

  9. hi kim! good that we found this song but i just cant find it anywhere..last resort ivr got is to go to the radio station that plays this song..i heard it hours ago..just when i was thinking of someone

  10. I’ve been looking for this song, and thank God, there it is. Can you send a copy of this song to my email please? I want to listen to it thousands of times.
    Thank you 🙂

  11. Hello. Can you please send me a copy of this song. I have been looking for this for quite a while. Thank you! 🙂

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