WAKING THE DEAD by John Eldredge

This is definitely one of the most insightful, stunning books I have ever read (plus it has illustrations from the Lord of the Rings). I found myself crying through a lot of parts in the book, amazed that despite being a Christian for most of my life, only now has anyone ever told me that my heart can be free in a way that I have never before imagined. I knew I was saved, I knew I had eternal life, and I knew that God cared for me deeply. But all along I have also believed that my heart remained hopelessly entangled in the sinful nature. How wonderful it was to learn that a heart ransomed by God is no longer a captive of sin, and it can be fully, completely alive in Christ. My heart is precious to God, and He wants to heal all the broken pieces inside. What a powerful, liberating truth!

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