COME AWAY WITH ME (album) by Norah Jones

Imagine the perfect music when you’re in a cottage in the woods with late afternoon sunlight filtering through the trees and the murmur of a nearby brook almost lulling you to sleep. That’s “Come Away With Me”. Or the perfect song for slow dancing with your beloved in a moonlit pavilion where the evening breeze is heavy with the scent of sampaguitas. That “The Nearness of You”. Her songs are like poetry at its purest, like memories that are distant and familiar at the same time. I find the lyrics difficult to recall and the music impossible to sing along with, but the songs linger in my mind like half-remembered dreams. Deliciously slow and exquisitely eloquent, this album might be soothing for some, but I sensed such a profound emotion (dare I call it longing?) in her voice that I can’t simply call it “mood music”.

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