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ANOTHER Open Letter to People Who STILL Think I Know What They’re Thinking

Dear People Who Believe I Can Read Minds,

I can’t. Really. You see, when psychology students graduate in the near (or more often not-so-near) future, we thank God with all our hearts and then finally become psychologists. Or we may come to our senses sooner than that and shift to a course as far away from mental health as possible. Anyway, we won’t become psychics. Ever. Nope, not even with tutorials from Freud himself. (I can’t speak for The Professor, though. I mean, who knows?)

So with that out of the way, I would like to say please, in the name of all things good and beautiful, stop asking me to guess what’s on your mind. Seriously.

If you don’t (sigh), I would have to be a little tough and tell your classmates you were thinking of telling your teacher that she really should make the final exam right minus wrong.* So don’t push me, ok?

Your Non-Psychic Friend

* Of course I’m kidding. What, you still believe I can read…wait. You mean you were actually thinking of telling your teacher exactly that? Really? Oh…my…(faints)



sign me up for a crash course on “How to Talk to Your Little Brother About the Facts of Life”

Josh: Ate, yung kilala mo pala may baby na?

Ako: Opo.

Josh: Pero nag-aaral pa sya?

Ako: Yup.

Josh: Eh ilang years old na sya?

Ako: Ka-edad ko lang, Josh.

Josh: Eh saan yung asawa nya?

Ako: Wala syang asawa.

Josh: Eh bakit sya may baby?

Ako: Kasi po, may boyfriend sya noon, kaya lang nagbreak na sila…pero may baby na sya.

Josh: Ninakaw lang pala nya yung baby?

Ako: Hindi! Ginawa nila yun.

Josh: Robot lang pala yun?

Waaaahhh…there should be a law against nine-year-old boys asking too many questions during breakfast…


An Open Letter to People Who Think I Know What They’re Thinking

Dear Folks

Yes, I am taking up BS Psychology. No, I will not be a psychic when I graduate. No, I cannot read your minds. Yes, I would appreciate it if you would stop asking me to do so. Thank you.