A tribute to real men

Here’s to men who are worthy of the name. Men who move, who take responsibility, who refuse to be passive. Men who’d rather do it right than take the easy way out or play it safe.

Here’s to men who can fight courageously and give in gracefully, who can stand up for their rights and the rights of those who are weaker, and just as willingly say “I was wrong.”

Here’s to men who can live in the moment, yet also forego temporary gratification for the sake of something more important. Men who know what’s important.

Here’s to men who are strong, passionate, brave, and honorable, men whose hearts are alive.

There are boys, guys, dudes, and blokes, and then there are those who are MEN.

If you are one of them, you are rare.

You stand head and shoulders above the rest and you give me hope.

Here’s to you.



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