The Cuyo Detour ends

A ship’s horn blows in the harbor, a long, melancholy sound, piercing through the rain until it reaches me as I curl up in bed. It is the same ship that brought me here more than two months ago. It is also the same ship that will bear me away in four fleeting days.

I came to Cuyo to put my heart back together. I did not know that I would also be leaving it behind.

In return, though, I will take with me healing. I will take with me joy. I will take with me the courage to set out again on a road where I’ve stumbled before, knowing that at the end is something worthwhile.

The transition will take some time, I suppose. Eventually, however, I will immerse myself again in the life I took a break from, pick up where I left off, and catch up with loved ones who have waited patiently. I will learn to keep pace again with rhythms more complicated than the wind and the tide and blinking of fireflies. Still, it won’t be the same. I won’t be the same. A part of me, at the very core, has been changed. The island has changed me by making me more like myself.

Come to think of it, it all makes perfect sense. I will leave my heart in Cuyo. But I will forever carry Cuyo in my soul. My escape from the real world has led me to something more real than anything I have ever known.

So goodbye, for now, to all that I have come to love. When I return to Cuyo, however long it takes, I will no longer be seeking an escape. On that day, I will be coming home.


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