Happy 6th anniversary!

It’s been six years since I put up that first post, on Friendster (yes, I know). I’ve been keeping a journal my whole life, and blogging was just another way of doing it. In 2008, I imported the whole thing to wordpress, comments and all, and kept on rambling, most of the time by myself. At first, I didn’t want to tell people I actually knew about my blog; it seemed safer if only strangers were privy to my innermost thoughts. I’m a little braver now, and everyone who has left a comment on this blog has made it a richer experience. It’s been an amazing six years, and some of the highlights are below:

1. First post

1:30 pm in the Botanical Garden

There was this little seaside garden in my old university, and I’d sneak off to just sit there between classes, and write.

2. Most read

My Red Dress Moment

A record breaking 1,547 people read this post, according to site statistics, most of whom found it after Jenny the Bloggess, rockstar of blogging, tweeted the link.

3. Most commented

You know you’re addicted to the Lord of the Rings when…

This is an old post, but my fellow LOTR fanatics seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to finding anything and everything that has to do with Middle Earth on the internet.

4. Most fun to write

Writing prompts

I discovered  writing prompts last year, a sort of exercise where other bloggers would post a theme (a word, phrase, or image) to write about. Not only did it help improve my own writing, I also met many talented bloggers who were taking part.

5. Most enriching experience

30 letters in 30 days

In an effort to step out of my comfort zone, I decided to do this meme where I had to write 30 letters to a pre-selected list of significant people in 30 days. Some of the letters were pretty difficult to write, but it turned out to be incredibly therapeutic.

6. Most common words

According to Wordle, ladies and gentlemen, here are the words I’ve been using the most for the past six years:



2 thoughts on “Happy 6th anniversary!

  1. happy birthday bloggee! here are the 6 things i’d like to say to you:

    1. i’m bitter. because Friendster lost my blog! it’s unfair that yours survived. hmp. (i hate you FS!)

    2. Jenny is a rockstar! can’t wait for your blog to be as rockstar as Jenny’s. then you’ll be posting crazy emails that you send to me, just like she does about her emails to Lisa (her sister.) hehe,

    3. i know i’m addicted to LotR because of you!

    4. let me be the one to prompt you on your next post: use the sentence “My sister is awesome because…” Ok, go.

    5. i love this letter challenge. not just because i’m in it (Letter #4). i love it so much i haven’t finished mine yet. hehe.

    6. and lastly: may more words, wonderful and enchanting words, come to you. may they never stop flowing and inspiring others, strangers and friends, who’s always waiting for the next post to come. more years of happy blogging to you! 🙂

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