Home for Christmas

Christmas, to me, means coming home. My life has lead me away from the place where I truly belong, but every Christmas, I find my way back. I’m welcomed by warm smiles and eager arms, by hearts that have loved me from afar and will now love me as I nestle close enough to hear the beats. I will bask in that love and let it erase the months of distance, the months of missing, the months of longing, and simply rest. There’s no way I’m staying away.

On a deeper level, Christmas means I can always come home from wherever I’ve been spiritually. My mistakes may lead me away from the place where my soul truly belongs, but because a Child was born that first Christmas, there is always a way back. I will never be turned away, I will be welcomed by a Father’s joy and a Father’s arms, by a Father whose heart never gave up on me. The past would cease to matter the moment I walk through that open door, and after all the regrets, after all the guilt, after all the tears, I can simply rest. I don’t have to stay away.

I’ll be home this Christmas, and because of Christmas, not only in my dreams.


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