Rescuer becomes rescued

The tears were dry. The violent, heartrending sobbing that had shaken her until it felt like she would shatter had stopped. Everything had stopped, except pain.

Night had slowly darkened the room, but she barely noticed. She lay on the bed, an exhausted ball of numbness and blank grief. She hadn’t moved for hours. She might never move again, she thought.

Suddenly, she felt a small nose touching her cheek. It was the stray kitten she found yesterday, snuggling close and purring in pleasure. Slowly, she lifted her hand to draw it closer, seeking its warmth.

She was still needed.

(This is a response to the 100 words challenge in Velvet Verbosity. The word for the week was “pleasure”.)



14 thoughts on “Rescuer becomes rescued

  1. I’m new to the 100 word challenge. I cannot imagine a better introduction to this challenge than to read this piece. You paint a vivid picture with so few words.

  2. It bothers me that people sometimes ridicule the relationship people have to their pets. They are potent little creatures and in the crazy disconnected world we live in, everyone needs a little unconditional love.

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