Day 23 — The last person you kissed

This soul-deep longing for a half-remembered dream bewilders me….

~from Prelude

My love,

The nights when we kiss are the sweetest nights of all. Sometimes it’s tender, achingly slow and saturated with meaning, all our deepest longings and promises being spoken without a word. Or it can be playful, softly teasing and utterly ecstatic, sweetened with joy and delighted laughter. There are also times when it’s passionate, intense, driven by heat and unleashed desire. But always, whenever and however you kiss me, I realize why it couldn’t possibly work with anyone else. Only you can make this happen: the whole world fades away, time slows down, and you become the single most important part of my universe. In that moment, the heartbreaks of the past are forgotten and the doubts of the future vanish — nothing else matters but your touch and the beat of your heart against mine. I know then that I am meant to kiss you and only you for the rest of my life.

You really are the man of my dreams. You know, literally. And someday, I hope I’ll wake up from dreaming into the breathtaking reality of your arms.

Waiting for you,




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