Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression

The first time I see your face, everything around me will fade to the background. I’ll be struck full by the truth in your gaze as you work an indelible change in me. ~Brooke Fraser

To someone genuinely amazing,

I will never forget that look in your eyes that night. It was like you couldn’t believe that I was real, standing there right  in front of you after being gone so long. As I looked at you looking at me, I wondered how it was possible for you to care that much. Yet I couldn’t doubt what I saw.

The day we met, I knew you were someone extraordinary. There was just something about you, something real and wonderful that drew people in, that made them want to be part of your sphere. Without even trying, you stood out from the crowd. And so I didn’t allow myself to expect too much of our new friendship. With everybody wanting you, I was sure you’d move on to other things sooner or later. Maybe, I thought, once in a while we’d pass by each other and  smile. That would have to be enough.

And yet you stayed.  With the spotlight on you and everybody knowing who you are, you stayed. I’d go through my crazy ups and downs, appearing and disappearing from your life, and you’d still be there — holding out a hand, waiting for me to take it. I never did, thinking you were just being nice, and that I shouldn’t bother you when you had so many other things clamoring for your attention. But maybe I should have. Maybe I should have let myself take a chance.

Because there was something in your eyes when you looked at me that night, something that might have been an offer of strength, an invitation to trust. And when you held me close, I felt — for the first time in along while — just a little less alone. And I am so tired of being alone.


A friend



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