Day 5 — Your Dreams

No matter how your heart is breaking, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true. ~from Cinderella

To everything I have ever dreamed of,

Things have changed, haven’t they? You used to be so clear and vivid, just almost within my grasp. From where I stood, the road toward you seemed straight and uncomplicated, unhindered by anything I couldn’t handle. Sure, I knew I would probably stumble a couple of times, but it wouldn’t stop me. You were beautiful, brilliant and bright, and I was coming for you.

And then life happened. I changed. My vision blurred, and I couldn’t see you so clearly anymore. You’re still there, but distant, out of my reach. And that road that seemed so simple? It had more roadblocks, more twists and turns than I could have imagined. At times, I felt that there wasn’t even a path, that I was walking on uncharted wilderness and going around and around in circles, never getting anywhere. Without fellow travelers I would already have given up.

But I am not alone on the road. And the people around me — sometimes they see you better than I can. They point me in your direction, telling me that you are too wonderful for me to give up. And every time I fall, they pick me up and dust me off, and kiss my wounded knees and scraped palms to make it better. They believe in me even when I don’t, and it makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I might have enough strength after all. These fellow pilgrims are God’s gift of grace to me, whether they know it or not, and if I ever reach my destination, thanking them will be the best part of the celebration.

Sooner or later, I will finally get to where you are.

Thinking of someday,




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