Day 3 — Your Parents

You are God’s way of saying I love you to me.

Dearest Mama and Papa,

Of all the questions a child has to face while growing up, there is one for which I have always known the answer: Am I loved? I get confused about a lot of things that I once thought I knew for sure — but this is one solid truth that can never be taken away from me. You love me. There has never been a time in my life when you didn’t, and there will never be a time when you won’t. I have a long, long way to go to where I want to be, but you have given me the assurance that my worth doesn’t depend on whatever happens on the journey. I am me, and I am loved. That knowledge is a constant spark of hope on the path when everything else is dark.

I remember early mornings when I’d wake up to the smell of coffee and the murmur of your voices in the kitchen, quietly laughing about something, or sharing your worries and finding comfort in facing them side by side.  Even now, whenever I wake up after a night of tears, I take myself back to the warmth of those early hours, when your love for each other was a solid place I could rest my heart on, a place where everything, eventually, will be all right. You have shown me that love is possible — that two very different people can reach out between the spaces that separate them and find a place of togetherness. Having known that, I know I can never settle for anything less than what the two of you have — a strong, steady love that transforms individuals into a family.

Papa, you have taught me about strength and wisdom and laughter. Mama, you are a living example of tenderness and compassion and warmth.  I owe everything that is good and right about me to both of you, and all the wrong and dark things will be changed with the help of your love, in God’s perfect time.

These three words are deeply inadequate, but I mean them with all my heart:

I love you.

Your First-born,




5 thoughts on “Day 3 — Your Parents

  1. This just shows the love that you have for your parents…Amazing……
    I think God gives us a chance to realise love in a better way making us suffer from this terrible illness.

  2. If ever you had been crying while writing this, kami naman ni Papa ay overwhelmed over the fact that God has entrusted us with a grateful daughter like you…”Thank You God for our First-born!”

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