Abigail needs… (LOL. Too funny.)

I was messing around on the intarwebs when I saw this game.

Here’s how it works: Google “[your first name] needs” and share the results. That’s it: it is that simple. But be honest! Pass it on…

— seriously, it was the first thing there, in capital letters. hahaha. oooookay…..

2. Abigail needs more character development
— um. life advice from google?

3. Abigail needs special care
— is it just me, or does this sound a bit off?

4. Abigail needs a family that will be patient in allowing her to adjust to her new home
— hey… I sense a trend here…

5. Abigail needs a therapist to help her deal with her rages and fears
— No! I cant trust anyone, not even a therapist! Everybody’s out to get me!

6. Abigail needs a date (just because she’s a puppet doesn’t mean she can’t find Mr. Right)
— apparently I’m not only hopelessly single, I’m also a lifeless doll. great. thanks.

7. Abigail needs to chew
— first, my sanity is questioned, then my love life, now my eating habits? what next?

8. Abigail needs a new cage
— hey! what the -?

9. Abigail needs you
— to play the drums. to help me develop my character. to provide special care. to help me adjust to my new home. to give me therapy. to have dinner with. to….chew? for dinner? okay, maybe I do need that cage.

10. Abigail needs a scandalous story to save her father’s newspaper
— my autobiography would probably do.



One thought on “Abigail needs… (LOL. Too funny.)

  1. When u have God, u have everything ekse u need…
    Ur family is here,always believing in you, cheering u,supporting u all the way… Yehey!!!
    U r so much loved. Just stay on focused.We r now closer to our goals than yesterday…
    Inang Reyna

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