Weirdest Things That Have Ever Happened to Me

  • A friend gave me a copy of the lyrics of the Tagalog version of the song I Will Be Here. He had the verses printed out, but he wrote the guitar chords by hand. It was one of my favorite songs, so I kept it in my wallet folded in a certain way. Some time later, I went on an out-of-town trip with him for a meeting we both had to attend. Our hosts had a guitar in their home, so I took out the song lyrics so that he could play it. A few days after I got home, I discovered that it was no longer in my wallet nor anywhere else I could think of.  I mentioned it to my friend a couple of months later, only to be told that he had already guessed that I’d lost it.  The week before that conversation, he had gone diving on Snake Island, one of the cluster of islets in Honda Bay near our city. He found a piece of paper on the table in one of the beach cottages on the island, and it turned out to be a copy of I Will Be Here, with guitar chords written in his own penmanship. The paper was even creased from the special way I’ve always folded it.  He showed it to me, and it was undoubtedly the same piece of paper. He thought I had gone to Snake Island just before he did and left it there by accident. However, I never went anywhere near Honda Bay since our out-of-town meeting. So how my copy of I Will Be Here got to an island to be found by the same person who gave it to me in the first place is a riddle that I haven’t been able to solve until now.

  • Some college friends and I were watching a movie in our boarding house one day – I think it was The Last Samurai. The person beside me borrowed my phone for a while and was playing around with it. Suddenly, it rang, and he handed it to me without looking to see who the caller was. To my surprise, it was his number flashing on the screen. All the while I was also holding his phone, and it was right there in my hand with the keypad locked. I checked his call register, but my name wasn’t there, yet my phone kept ringing with a call supposedly made by the guy whose phone I was holding. My friends wanted me to answer the call, but being the chicken that I was (and still am, hehe), I cancelled it. A similar thing happened later that month to my roommate; only in her case, the two phones involved were lying side by side on a table on the far side of our room. So go figure.

  • More coming up when I can remember…=)



3 thoughts on “Weirdest Things That Have Ever Happened to Me

  1. one of the weirdest things that happened to me is when I was a teenager, I was obsessed with the rock group April Wine(Canadian). I could have sworn te lead singer was looking at me directly during a recent concert, so was even more in love with him. One day, while transferring planes at the NY LaGuardia airport, coming from Miami, and catching a plane to Montreal, I thought to myself:” Wouldnt if be so exciting if April Wine just happended to me in this airport, right now, and I would see them?”. Since they weren’t there, I quickly forgot about it. I proceeded to take the flight from New York to Montreal, with the rock group nowhere in sight, BUT, as I came out of the doors at the Montreal airport, where people are waiting to greet there loved ones, as the two automatic doors opened……RIGHT in front of me………looking straight at me…..was Miles Goodwin, the lead singer of April Wine! I went into shock, but asked im for his autograph, that’s all I could muster out. That experience just blew me away.

  2. There is an explaination for the phone story. some one must’ve been playing with you. its simple: someone used a call spoofing service to spoof the call so your friend’s number would appear on the caller ID. I know it because I’ve done it.

  3. Actually, thought I would unsolve that phone mystery… or at least offer a different solution.

    I was out of town, at a dinner party, and my phone vibrated in my pocket while at the table. I sneaked a peak at the caller display, and it was my own phone number. Obviously its is impossible that my own phone called me. Indeed it was very strange.
    My point is that phone networks do weird things all the time.

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