Love Will Find You

by Jaci Velasquez

A blue moon
Is the only light that falls upon your room —
Your cold room
Too soon,
There’ll be another empty morning in your life
But you’ll try again.
Though the sun
Is the only light that shines within your heart
Your cold heart…

Oh, how your dreams have been forsaken,
And now it seems your hope’s mistaken;
But when you’re sure your world is breaking,

Love will find you
And it will heal a heart that’s grieving
Love will find you
You gotta see
You gotta see
Love will find you
When you believe you’d stopped believing
Love will find you

Bright lights
From the streets that wind away across the night
Oh the endless night
You might
Go on searching in the shadows waiting there
Already where you run
Like a lost and lonely ghost upon the wind
And cry again
Hoping to lose the pain you’re holding
Walk through a door that’s always open
Into a promise never broken!

Love will find you
Oh, someday you’ll mend the fear
Oh, you must believe
You must believe…



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