Coffee without Cream

Cream’s gone. She has been sick for a while now, and she died two nights ago in her sleep. At least I know she was warm and comfortable during her last moments, since I put a reading lamp beside her bed (to give more warmth) and her brother Coffee stayed with her all night. Joshua and I were really sad, but at least she’s in cat heaven now, with our other white kitten Angel. (I read somewhere that albinos have a lower rate of survival than animals with darker pigmentation.) We really miss her. We miss watching tiny little Creamie bullying the much larger Kahlil during meal times. We miss seeing her white body curled up against dark Coffee. We miss having to step around her when she’s sprawled in the middle of the floor like she owns the place. Sigh. Joshua planted a marigold seedling on top of her grave, and he was full of questions about death after we buried her. But, like he said, I shouldn’t be sad because at least Angel has a friend in cat heaven now. Oh well.



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