Writing is still worlds apart from writing well”, said caravaggio, and I’m inclined to agree. Looking through my work, I know I’m far, far away from being half as good as I want to be. I want to write with the searing intensity of tukneneng, the light humor of Gmajor7, and the irrepressible wit of linchpin. Hmmph. I won’t even mention the novelists and poets I love. Thank goodness I’m in psychology and not creative writing. I think I’d probably starve before I ever get published.

If my mom ever reads this, she’d undoubtedly launch on a motherly declaration of faith in my abilities. So would my dad. Sigh. Thank God for unconditional love.

I’m just ranting here. You see, I just scanned the forum thread on tips for submitting articles in peyups.com, and it made me wonder how on earth did six of my write-ups even get published. So don’t mind me. I’m also frustrated because there are still 2102 articles waiting for approval on that site, which means it’s still a long, long wait before the moderators allow submission of new stories. Grrr. God, grant me patience, and I want it RIGHT NOW.

Okay. I can wait some more. In the meantime, don’t be surprised if this blog suddenly overflows with fiction and other sentimental mush, since I can’t bother those poor peyups editors yet. I actually feel sorry for them, what with 2000+ articles vying for their attention. I can just imagine the private messages they’re getting from other writers.

Freud, Jung, and my professor call it displacement, this penchant I have for words. Or maybe it’s sublimation, because writing is supposed to result in higher cultural achievement. Whatever.

Hurry up, peyups.



One thought on “Aargh.

  1. aargh nga! actually, i have the same insecurities.. lalo na pag english stuff na. haay naku. alohin na lang natin ang ating mga sarili. yung iba nga hindi marunong magsulat eh. hehehe.
    ate, bakit sabi ni liza hindi ko raw ipinaalam sau ung mga artiks mo na nalagay sa ablaze? with permission yun noh…hehehe
    ung remiscence and regret nasa tabloid! ung iba naman nasa journey na!weeee!!!

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