golden moments of Psych 22

Memorable quotes from Sir Bundac:

“The more you sweat in training, the less you will bleed in battle.”
(That’s probably because we’re already sweating blood, so there won’t be anything left to bleed when we go to battle. That is, if we survive training long enough to actually get there.)

“We all have our little imbalances. The good thing about being psychologists is that we know them. Other people, they pay us to tell them.”

“Neurotics are people who build castles in the air. Psychotics are those who live in them.”

“There are only two good kinds of defenses. One is Run. The other is Fast.”

“What’s your most difficult subject?”
“This one, sir.”
“Oh, this isn’t difficult. This is life-threathening, but it’s not difficult.”
(Whew, thank goodness. Not.)



3 thoughts on “golden moments of Psych 22

  1. hahaha!!! nice one ga!!!
    weeeee!!! i juz wish we wont be able to survive theoriz…
    kase parang feel ko kahit paulit-ulit ku yun itake basta si sir bundac oks na oks!!! uyy… naxxxx!!! hahaha joke!!

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