Why wait?

Because I am deeply loved.

Because that love is more than enough.

Because that love assures me that nothing less than the best is being prepared for my future.

Not because I am broken hearted.

But because I have been made whole.

Not because I am afraid.

But because I am brave enough to love the man of my dreams now, and to honor him even while I do not know him yet.

Not because I do not believe in love.

But because I believe that love should be nothing less than true. And if it is, then it is worth waiting for.

So I will wait. I know he will come. Someone who, like me, will know that there is no other place to be but beside each other. Someone who will love me so much that he would never put me first before our God. Someone who will lead me. Someone who will wait for the right time to say I love you.

And when he does, I’ll tell him that I love him too. That I waited for him. That I believed he will come, and that I saved all my best for him. Because I know that the man I will love, wherever he is right now, deserves nothing less than my best.

I will be true to him, no matter who and where he may be.

I will let God mold me into the woman of his dreams.

I will keep my promise.

True love waits.




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