Most people have a list of some things, both trivial and essential, that they wish they knew earlier. Here’s my own list:

  1. Making a wrong decision is like taking the wrong turn at a crossroads. The sooner you admit your mistakes, the easier it is to turn back and correct them.
  2. You can never overestimate your parent’s love.
  3. There will always be someone who’s better than you at whatever you’re good at. Do everything you can to learn from that person.
  4. It takes superhuman strength to resist chocolate.
  5. You will always remember your first love. Choose well, so that the memories will outweigh the regrets.
  6. No one is immune to stupidity. Just try not to make it a habit.
  7. Not everyone who talks about love knows what it really means.
  8. You can strive for excellence but not perfection.
  9. There is nothing – absolutely nothing – you can do to make God love you more, and no sin you can commit to make Him love you less.
  10. Having a “sleepover” with friends does not necessarily mean you will actually be able to sleep.
  11. The right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing.
  12. Never subscribe to unlimited text when major exams are coming up.
  13. The ability to refuse is essential to staying sane, as well as the ability to laugh.
  14. Watching VCD’s until 3am kind of means you won’t be able to wake up in time for your seven o’clock class.
  15. You never know when an unbeliever is observing you. How you act may mean the difference between his conversion or his mistrust of everything you believe in.
  16. During youth camps, slumber parties and other overnight affairs, never go to sleep when everyone else is awake.
  17. Emotional healing is never instant.
  18. You will learn more from criticism than from praise.
  19. It may seem highly unlikely, but yes, you can survive without your cellphone.
  20. Procrastination never pays.
  21. Love is spelled T-I-M-E.
  22. Listening, really listening, is a gift that costs nothing but is worth more than anything you can buy.
  23. You can learn a lot about a person simply by observing how he treats the people he doesn’t like.
  24. No one ever died of embarassment. Laugh it off.
  25. Some dreams are better left unfulfilled – what you want is not always what you really need.
  26. You can’t rush maturity.
  27. There is no substitute for a handwritten letter.
  28. Always, always be ready to explain and defend your faith. You never know when the opportunity will come.
  29. Love that lasts is love that is built on a committed decision, not just emotions that are easily changed.
  30. He really does make all things beautiful in His time.



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