My Favorite Things

Happiness is made up of fleeting moments of beauty, and beauty is everywhere for those who have the eyes to see. Here are some of my favorite things – gifts of beauty that have filled my life with joy:

  • my family, the most wonderful people I know
  • summer – when all the flowers are in bloom and tree branches are laden with blossoms
  • a slow, lingering look that speaks a thousand words
  • kittens
  • long conversations with dear friends
  • a beautiful song heard at just the right moment
  • dancing
  • a really good book that I can read again and again
  • December – when the nights are cold and the stars are clear
  • a baby’s smile
  • long evening walks with no particular destination or purpose
  • moments of silence and solitude
  • chocolate
  • the gift of laughter, and the ability to laugh at ourselves
  • a gentle, golden sunrise – when the world seems to be young and pure and perfect
  • the wind
  • sweet-smelling flowers
  • trees silhouetted against the sky
  • a long hike ending in a waterfall
  • memories – both bitter and sweet
  • time spent in prayer
  • finding comfort and courage in God’s word right when I need it the most
  • handwritten letters
  • barefoot walks on the beach
  • the privilege to worship God
  • rain and rainbows
  • sunsets – dazzling and glorious, but at the same time profoundly sad, as if the sky wants to give one last splendid performance before it surrenders to darkness
  • sea shells
  • a view of mountains in all their moods
  • the night sky
  • grassy meadows stretching to the horizon
  • tears of release and healing
  • poetry
  • wide, windswept fields of cogon grass under the summer sky
  • music
  • a good movie watched with a friend or my sister
  • shooting stars
  • the privilege to tell my little brother stories
  • private jokes with special people
  • hugs and handclasps
  • butterflies



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