Summer Mornings and Scented Air

I woke up to a miracle yesterday morning… Instead of the usual golden warmth that promised stifling heat later in the day, I was greeted by soft rain and a mysterious fragrance in the air. Still sleepy, I got up and wandered out into the balcony, wondering what could have given the breeze its heady sweetness. I looked out into the backyard, and was rendered breathless with what I discovered. Just beyond our fence was a small grove of coffee trees, and this morning, it was spectacular. Clusters and clusters of thick white blossoms graced the rain-drenched branches, and bees and other insects braved the rain to collect its sweet juices. Every single branch was in bloom, and the pure white petals were a beautiful contrast to the dark green of the glossy leaves. Having never seen coffee flowers before, I was, well, stunned. It was absolutely lovely -ethereal almost, and my ignorance made the surprise even more wonderful.

This morning, I eagerly got out of bed and rushed outside to check on the trees, only to find that the flowers hung limply on the branches, brown and lifeless. Somehow, the realization that yesterday’s beauty had faded made the memory more precious. The moment was gone, but no matter how fleeting it was, I know that the sight of coffee trees in glorious bloom and the scent that led to an unforgettable morning will always remain fresh in my heart.



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